What do you need to do if you discover an unconscious person wearing the 2BEID bracelet?

1. First check that the person is in a safe environment.

2. Call 911 to get emergency health assistance (ambulance).

3. Until help arrives, take your smart phone, open the application that recognizes QR codes (example; ScanLife), point the camera of your smarphone towards the QR code on the metal plate of the bracelet, not too close, going back and forth, making sure it is clear on your screen, until the application scans the QR code’s identification sheet of the person which will then be displayed on your phone.

4. If you have trouble scanning the QR code because of the brightness, increase or decrease the light reflection. You can also turn the bracelet until you have the best possible light. You must remain still for a few seconds so that the application on your phone can decode/read the QR code.

5. With the identification sheet you can now give the appropriate care, since you'll be able to know if the person has any illnesses, allergies, medical history, medication… that require any specific immediate attention! You can also read any other specific information that the person wanted to specify when unconscious and finally, you'll have no trouble communicating with the loved ones, since the identification sheet includes three emergency contacts.

6. When the paramedics arrive, you can inform them about the medical information you obtained on the person from the 2BEID bracelet’s QR code and confirm that the loved ones were notified.

7. If you are not able to scan the bracelet’s QR code, you will enter your bracelet’s  identification number at the proper section on the home page of the 2BEID website or use our emergency line at 1-800-230-6992, which was designed specifically for this type of intervention. To get more information on our emergency line click here!







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