3 ways to be identified

Activate and manage your 2BEID product

In order to avoid additional delay for the activation or the modification of your 2BEID product, please take the time to verify your information before submitting the form. Select the right form, be sure to write a valid product code and a your valid email address. Since your product contains your personnal and medical information, and because these information will be accessible for first responders in case of an emergency when you will not be able to identify yourself, take the time to complete the form with the exact information.

With more interesting options;

  • You can register up to 4 emergency contacts.
  • The possibility to register 2 phone numbers per contact.
  • The possibility to give access to the first responder to be able to contact your contacts by SMS in an emergency situation.
  • You have no character limit in fields to fill.
  • A section to register your vaccines.
  • A section to register your physical or psychological therapeutic treatments.
  • A section to register your insurance information.
  • More addtionnals options
  • Priority for activation, modifications and technical support.
  • Receive a personalized notification by email for your modification requests.
  • 15% discount on all our products (on our website).
Register your illnesses
Register your allergies
Register your medications
Register your doctor
Register your medical history
Register your pharmacist
Register your blood type
Registration of additional information
Register your vaccines
Upload your vaccination passport which will be accessible from your identification sheet linked to your bracelet
Register your therapeutic treatments
Register your insurance information
Leave a message to your emergency contacts by SMS
Personalized email notification of your modifications
Number of emergency contacts 3 4
Phone numbers by contact 1 2
Activation or modification deadlines Until 48h Until 18h
Discount on our products No 15% off
  Free 24,99$ / year

BASIC Medical identification profile

ADULT: Activate your medical identification profile which will be attached to your 2BEID medical product. ACTIVATE

ADULT: Modify your medical identification profile with this form. MODIFY

CHILD: Activate your child's medical identification profile which will be attached to a 2BEID medical product. ACTIVATE

CHILD: Modify your child's medical identification profile with this form. MODIFY

ADULT or CHILD: Transfer your medical identification profile to other 2BEID medical product. TRANSFERT

ADULT or CHILD: Disable your bracelet's with this form. DEACTIVATION

VIP Medical identification profile

VIP upgrade

All the benefits of our free medical identification profile, but with more interesting options!

24,99$ CAD /year

VIP Upgrade







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